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Parto en casa

Our classes are designed to guide parents to prepare their mind, body and soul for the challenges, triumphs and personal transformations that the birth of a baby brings. This series of classes are well balanced between evidence-based, physiology of birth and the inner exploration of becoming parents. Puerta del Sol firmly believes when parents are well informed, they are empowered to make the best decisions about their birth and reducing the chances of possible traumas.


Childbirth and breastfeeding classes

Our evening classes last four weeks. These begin the first week of each month. We know that separating this time can be a great challenge. For that reason, you can start attending classes in any week of the month and continue until you have completed all four classes. We also offer intensive courses during the weekend in the privacy of your home.


Physiology of pregnancy, labor and birth.


Labor comfort techniques ~ Pain coping techniques practices that build confidence, enhance relaxation, and reduce suffering. Techniques for birth partners on how to stay present and emotionally connected in birth.


Birth preparation and how to navigate medical interventions.


Postpartum recovery, breastfeeding & newborn care.

Our curriculum may vary slightly according to the needs of each class, but our weekly curriculum looks like this:

By request, we hold additional one-session classes for grandparents, siblings, those anticipating scheduled cesarean births, postpartum planning sessions and methods to prevent or reduce emotional birth trauma. If you are interested in taking one of these courses, please contact us and we will tailor the class that you need!

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