There are many advantages of having a home birth. These advantages focus on the premise that when a parent feels safe, heard, supported and in control of their surroundings, they will be capable to have an empowered birth and a peaceful start with their newborn. Other advantages of having a home birth are:

Continuous care

Your midwife will be in all your prenatal visits, attend your birth and provide postpartum care to both of you and the newborn. You will not have the concern of who attends your prenatal visits or your delivery, as usually happens in hospitals.


You can decide what is right for you, your family and your baby.

Be surrounded by your loved ones

You decide who will accompany you in your delivery.

You will be in the comfort of your own home

Labor in your own space, have absolute freedom to move as you choose, eat and drink freely and of course, be in your own bed!

Promotes breastfeeding and attachment

From birth your baby will be with you, skin to skin at all times. This encourages breastfeeding, attachment and regulates the baby's body temperature and breathing.

Fewer interventions

Studies indicate that home birth has the lowest rates of caesarean section, episiotomy, epidural, induction, etc. It shows that for low-risk pregnancies, home birth is as safe as in the hospital.

We specialize in keeping the house clean

Any "disorder" related to childbirth is usually well contained and we will clean before leaving your home. We even start a load of laundry for you!


the beginning of a new life with love and respect


Home birth services attend the following perinatal stages:


Prenatal care

Our prenatal care employs research based information and individualized care. We take the time to talk about concerns that commonly come up during pregnancy. In this way, we can provide you with current and relevant  information that will help you make the right decisions.


Labor & Birth

There are many benefits to having a home birth. These benefits are centered on the premise that when a woman feels safe, supported, and in control of her environment, it will empower her to have the birth she envisions and a start with her new child in an environment of peace and love.

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Postpartum Care

After the great achievement of giving birth, Puerta del Sol offers 6 one-hour long appointments providing complete and high-quality postpartum care for both of you.

Expecting a Sibling

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Prenatal Care Includes:

  • Initial 90-minute visit, which includes: a complete medical history, physical exam, lab work and advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

  • Monthly appointments of one hour from conception until 28 weeks. Then the appointments will increase to twice a month until you reach 36 weeks. Starting at 37 weeks, your visits will be weekly until the birth of your baby.

  • Evaluation of vital signs for you and the baby.

  • Laboratory services such as: blood work, urinalysis, ultrasound orders, genetic studies and all the standardized prenatal tests offered in medical offices.

  • You will have access to medical consultations and referrals as necessary.

  • Nutritional guidance and botanical medicine for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery.

  • Unlimited access to calls or emails.


Home birth and immediate postpartum includes:

  • Two licensed midwives during and after delivery.

  • Continuous care and support during labor and the first hours after delivery.

  • Intermittent monitoring of baby's heartbeat.

  • Monitoring maternal vital signs 

  • Access to IV fluids during or after birth.

  • A thorough newborn exam performed next to their parents

  • Breastfeeding support and facilitating that first latch

  • If desired by parents, administration of vitamin K (injectable or by mouth) and eye cream antibiotic.

  • We offer water birth and birth pool rental.

  • Continuous support of midwives in case of transport to the hospital during or after delivery.

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Postpartum care includes: 

  • One hour long postpartum visits. 

  • Evaluation of the vital signs of the mother, involution of the uterus and bleeding.

  • Evaluation of vital signs of the baby, including measurements and weight of the baby.

  • Your first three visits on the first, third, and seventh days after birth will be in the comfort of your home.  Visits at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks will be in our office.

  • Education and support in breastfeeding.

  • Emotional assessment and support

  • Access to metabolic tests for your baby.

  • Referrals for hearing tests for the baby.

  • If needed, pap tests and pelvic floor evaluation at 6 weeks postpartum.